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          Protection Against Industrial Hazards

          Product Image (SSS-00112)

          Class 3 Electrical Insulated Rubber Hand Glove

          Price: 5100 INR

          Class 3 Electrical Insulated Rubber hand glvoes is made of premium qulaity natural latex rubber material which is tested & Certified to ASTM D120, IEC, EN 60903 Work potential 26500volt and test potential 30,000volt.

          Product Image (20817)

          20817 Static Discharge Rod

          Price: 34000 INR

          Static Discharge Stick The Static Discharge Stick is designed to safely remove the static charge after de-energizing. This tool is pre-assembled and includes a brass alloy “U” hook, closed cell foam filled tubular fiberglass switch stick made in accordance with ASTM Standard F711. Static discharge sticks have 6 feet of copper grounding cable attached to a Salisbury 1814 flat jaw grade 3 bronze serrated clamp with strain relief. Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece Brand:Honeywell Color: yellow Product Type: 20817 Features: 20817 Static Discharge Stick Rubber Hand Grip: Yes Usage/Application: Static Charge Dissipation

          Product Image (24401)

          HoneyWell Salisbury 24401 Rescue Hook

          Price: 22000 INR

          Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity:1 Piece Material: Fibre Application Area: Industrial Color: Yellow Power Rating: >22 kVA Features: Rescue Hook Usage/Application: Electrical Safety Is It Need AMC: Not Need AMC Application: Electrical Safety Honeywell: Model No. 24401

          Product Image ( 4556)

          Honeywell Voltage Detector

          Price: 44000 INR

          Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Piece Brand: Honeywell Usage: Laboratory, Industrial Model Number: 4556 Frequency: 240V to 230 KV Power Source: Batteries Color: Red

          Product Image (ALTAIR 4X)

          Msa Altair 4x Multi Gas Detector

          Price: 72100 INR
          • Application:MEASURE MULTI GASES
          Product Image (SSS-04759)

          SUPER Spill Pallet

          Price: 11000 INR

          SUPER Spill Pallet, Dimension/Size: 1270mm X 700mm X 430mm Capacity :500 to 600 Ltr Brand:SUPER/GENERIC Material :Plastics Color : Any Dimension/Size : 1270mm x 700mm x 430mm Minimum Order Quantity :1 Piece

          Product Image (SSS-03859)

          Yellow 2 Drum Spill Containment Pallets, Dimension/size: L1390x W990x H380mm

          Price: 24000 INR

          Yellow 2 Drum Spill Containment Pallets, Dimension/size: L1390x W990x H380mm: Capacity : 1000Kg (2 Drums) Color : Yellow Dimension/Size : L1390X W990X H380MM Pallet Type : 2 way entry Rackable

          Product Image (SSS-047595)

          Reversible Pallets

          Price: 9500 INR

          Blue/grey/green/red/black Reversible Pallets Color : Blue/Grey/Green/Red/Black Material : Plastic Pallet Type : 4 Way Entry Reversible Deck Leg Type : Bottom Deck Racking :Suitable for Horizontal & Drive-in rack Pallet Top : Perforated / Flat View Complete Details

          Product Image (SSS-0475)


          Price: 115000 INR

          Fume Exhauster Cum Air Blower is made out of special mild steel structure with heavy duty closed dynamically balanced Impeller to deliver 3000cfm of air @100mm water column ( WC) having design temperature of 20°C and operating temperature of 40°C.

          Product Image (SSS-604)

          Gas Tight Suit Level A type 1

          Price: 95000 INR

          Fully Encapsulated Gas Tight Suit Type A Level 1 made of 7layer non woven fabric suitable for working Low temprature gas/chemical like NITROGEN and highly hazardious gases like Ammonia Chlorine. Complete suit is designed with suit welded duable gloves and hazmax boot packed in hard box. Self life of suit is 10years.

          Product Image (SSS-0605)

          Chemical splash suit

          Price: 1150.00 - 2000.00 INR

          TYPE 3 Chemical splash suit (Liquid tight suit)

          Product Image (SSS-706)

          SAFETY KIT

          Price: 2000 INR

          PPE KIT (SAFETY KIT OR PERSONAL SAFETY KIT OR INDUSTRIAL SAFETY KIT) which includes all basic safety equipments that are going to be used at initial level while starting your daily job works at site. SAFETY KITS are desined to meet your requirements like KI 1 which includes-safety shoem reflective jacket, safety eyewear, hand gloves, ear plug, safety helmet. KIT 2 includes: safety shoem reflective jacket, safety eyewear, hand gloves, ear plug, safety helmet, full body harness, ear muff. KIT 3 includes: safety shoe, reflective jacket, Cotton coverall, safety eyewear, Cut resistant hand gloves, ear plug, safety helmet, full body harness, ear muff, warning sign triangle..... etc. All equipments shall be provided in kit bag and all are tested and certified as per EN, ANSI, ISI standard.

          Product Image (SSS-00122)

          Class 4 Electrical Insulated Rubber Hand Glove

          Price: 6350 INR

          Class 4 Electrical Insulated glove made of premium quality natural latex rubber tested and certified to ASTM D120, IEC AND EN 60903 tested on 40000volt and working 36000volt.

          Product Image (SSS-0111)

          Class 2 Electrical Insulated Rubber Hand Glove

          Price: 4150 INR

          Class2 Electrical Insulated Rubber hand gloves made of premium quality material tested EN IEC-60903 suitable for working 17000volt and tested on 20,000volts.

          Product Image (SSS-1202)


          Price: 3200 INR

          Class 0 Electrical Insulated Rubber hand gloves made of premium quality natural rubber tested IEC/ EN 60903 Suitable for working upto 7500volts and tested 10,000volt.

          Product Image (SSS-1709)

          Class 0 Electrical Insulated Hand Glove

          Price: 2400 INR

          CLASS 0 Electrical Insulated Rubber hand gloves made of premium quality natural rubber withstand WORKING VOLTAGE 1000VOLT AND TESTED 5000VOLT TESTED EN 60903

          Product Image (SSS-202)

          Ear Muff

          Price: 350.00 - 450.00 INR

           Ear muff is made out of impact proof PP  Light in weight  Purpose to reduce level of surrounding noise.  Ear muff is Fully soft foam up and comfortable  As per ISI & EN standard  Many different models & make available EN 352-2 ANSI Z87 APPROVED.  

          Product Image (Tyvek 1422A)

          Dupont Tyvek Protective suit (coveall 1422A)

          Price: 1250 INR/Piece

          Tyvek® – Because It Makes the Difference Protective suits may look the same, but only from a distance. The unique DuPont™ Tyvek® fabric has been offering superior protection when it matters for Type 4, 5 or 6 protective coveralls in Europe for the past 20 years. Touch any garment from the comprehensive Tyvek® product range, such as Tyvek® Classic, and you will notice the difference. Invented and manufactured exclusively by DuPont, Tyvek® is a unique and versatile material that is tough, yet extremely light and soft. It is permeable to both air and water vapour, yet repels water-based liquids and aerosols. It acts as an excellent barrier against fine particles and fibres. It is ultra-low-linting and also antistatically treated. Tyvek® is a unique nonwoven fabric that comes with inherent protection that’s engineered right in. There are no films, and no laminates that can abrade or wear away over time – Tyvek® is maintaining wearer protection during use. Designed for an optimal balance of protection, durability and comfort, Tyvek® protective apparel is ideal for a wide range of jobs. From spray painting to handling lead or asbestos abatement, their ergonomic design helps keep workers safe and effective when the going gets rough. It is also devoid of fillers or additives and is silicon-free.


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